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About the Team

Priscilla, Program Coordinator
Priscilla is my right-hand gal. Think of her as the behind-the-scenes magic-maker who takes every idea I come up with and figures out how to make it work. Priscilla is an extraordinary writer. She also has no sense of smell and one day, would love to play banjo in a bluegrass band.


Donna, TAC Community Liaison
Before becoming part of the team, Donna worked in publicity and the hospitality industry. She has always been an avid volunteer looking for ways to make a difference, and is so excited to now be in a position of service. She is the friendly voice on the phone welcoming you to the Thriving Artist Circle and is pumped to support actors on their creative journeys. Her secret wish is to be a professional chef that travels the world a la Anthony Bourdain.


Elizabeth, Webmaster
Based in Chicago, Elizabeth is my virtual assistant and personal WordPress-ninja. This girl always has a solution to my never-ending technological questions; she brought this website back from the abyss and she works her mojo at lightning speed. Elizabeth often daydreams about working at Trader Joe’s because she loves their Hawaiian shirt uniforms and free samples.


Clover, Dare Devil
She may be blind, but she’s fearless. Clover loves to eat dirt and lick the occasional electrical outlet. She spends her days decked out in a stylish sweater while staring in the general direction of her treat jar just hoping someone will catch the hint.
Cowboy, Lady’s Man
Cowboy is my little buddha who likes to play security guard. He’s kinda shy, really sensitive, and a great listener. That’s why the ladies love him.

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