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4 Tips to Creating a Dynamic Crowd Funding Video

Crowd funding campaigns don’t have many creative limitations. Whether you’re promoting an animated web series, gearing up to tackle your first short film project or you need investors to help you build a business, there is room for everyone. The problem is everyone is in the room. Take a cruise through crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seed&Spark and you’ll see hundreds of fascinating projects all vying for donations. Everyone’s swimming in the same pool, and it’s getting crowded. So, how can you take an Olympic caliber dive and avoid a disappointing belly-flop? Here are four tips for planning a dynamic video to attract the most support.


Should IMDb Share Your Age?

This week’s Acting Business Bite is sure to ruffle a few feathers because I tackle the hot-button issue of IMDB posting your age on its site. Sure, I understand how frustrating that can be. But I also see too many actors waste time and energy stressing about it when they could be taking a much more powerful action instead. So, check out the video below and get my two cents about a solution to the IMDb age issue.


Are you ready to quit your day job?

Big Announcement! The Your Other Dream Job Program relaunch has landed. If you’re an actor with a side business or even just an idea for one, you won’t want to miss this…

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Should Actors Ever Do Reality TV?

Let’s face it, reality television is bound to frustrate any actor. With so much valuable programming time being taken over by catfights, cook-a-thons, and dance-offs, there are fewer and fewer jobs available for traditionally-trained actors. Plus, all too often, reality stars become celebrities who end up with their own TV series. So, this begs the question: As an actor, should you ever take a “role” in reality TV? I hear my clients asking this question often, so let’s take a look at a few points to consider if you’ve ever wondered whether or not to do reality television.


The Actor’s Business Blueprint Scholarship Winners


Win a Scholarship for The Actor’s Business Blueprint


Tiny Film Festival Winners Announced!

The votes have been tallied + the results are in. It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the first annual TAC Tiny Film Festival.

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3 Ways Actors Can Start Giving Back

Ever notice how A-List actors always seem to be giving back? From bringing awareness to environmental issues, to funding natural disaster relief, to lending their time and pull to cancer research or ending homelessness, celebrities seem to be doing good all over the globe. You’ve probably thought to yourself, “I’ll do that too… when I make it big.”

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Are you ready for another dream job?

Actors do a lot of waiting. Waiting for a better agent, waiting for that next audition, waiting while you pay your dues and waiting for your big break. Actors also do a lot of juggling. Juggling your schedule so you can be flexible, juggling your finances to afford the pursuit, juggling rejection with staying true to yourself and juggling your day-job while you build your acting empire. But what if you didn’t have to juggle? And what if you didn’t have to wait?


The Ten Best People I Know

For this week’s Acting Business Bite, I’m pleased to introduce guest writer Ryan Blackwell. Ryan is an actor and writer, and he shares with us that good people are not just found within our circle of friends. It’s easy to list off the most irritating or frustrating people and situations, but if you’re paying attention, positive influences are all around you.