You DO Need a Website

Alright, we all make mistakes, and I’m no exception. A couple of years ago, I published a blog post arguing why an actor doesn’t really need a website.

Well, times have certainly changed. So, I admit it… I was wrong.

Find out why by watching this week’s Acting Business Bite.

Have some great ideas for free content to offer or blog posts you’ve done? Share them in the comments below.


23 Responses to “You DO Need a Website”

  1. Helena says:

    We Love You Dallas! Thanks for the Career tool update. I’m Baffled by whether to create a blog with a static website or a website with a moving Blog. So Thanks for your tips helping me get some clarity on the whole Website thing!
    Your the Best.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Dallas!
    Thank you so much for the info. I admit I am not technical savvy when it comes to putting together a website and I am bit financially challenged at the moment. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you! Happy New Year!

    • Dallas says:

      The key here is to dedicate a little time learning how to build your own site. My favorite place to find website themes (templates) is From there, just follow the steps provided by Woo as well as this YouTube video to actually do it yourself.

      Be patient as you’re learning a new language here, but it is possible and affordable if you DIY.

    • Cyrilla Baer says:

      I’d like to suggest for building websites – I have built my actor site ( and my hypnosis site ( with Weebly. If you pay for pro, you can put up sound files and video. They are growing an improving what they offer all the time.

      • Dallas says:

        The trouble with Weebly, or any FREE website builder is that you don’t own the content. Weebly does. So, I strongly recommend that you host your site via a hosting company such as and you don’t use any free builder/hosting sites.

        • I am currently with Weebly (I use the Pro version) and have been pretty happy there, especially for my first go at a website, but Dallas’ comment about not owning the content concerns me. I did some internet wandering to discover that while Weebly says that they do not “claim ownership of your content” they can, in fact, close it down whenever they feel they have a reason to, and, if you haven’t archived your site you are SOL (of course whatever service you use you SHOULD be archiving your site, but …). Also (and this is very important for actors!) if you have any blog posts it will be very difficult to transfer them to a new service. If you are on Weebly and want to transfer your content and posts to WordPress, I found this great tutorial post [ ] on a sewing blog of all places. The author was a Weebly Pro user and decided to switch, couldn’t find any tutorials, so she created her own. I will be continuing on Weebly Pro for my small business site, but am going to re-create my barely there actor website on WordPress. Thank you Dallas!

  3. I am so happy when I hear from you…..Dallas!! Great information about the importance of a website!!
    LOVE Gayle ( New York)

  4. Douglas says:

    Love the advice regarding adding something interested like cool locations in my town to my blog. Like restaurants or bars? I think I will choose bars! : -) happy 2013!

  5. Angela says:

    Thanks Dallas!! This is gold…..was wondering what to put in that space. You’re the best! Happy New Year! Feeling soooo good about 2013……

  6. Emmett says:

    Hi Dallas, do you have any links to websites that are really nailing the implementation of offering something exclusive in exchange for contact info? Besides your website of course. :)

  7. I’m just updating my website, and this came in my email! Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    I love these ideas, especially the video blog. Makes so much sense. What camera do you use for your videos? The look and sound is great. I’m interested to know for self taped auditions as well. The sound on my trusty old Flip camera is too low for intimate or casual scenes.

    • Dallas says:

      I use the Kodak Easy Share, Deb. It’s super easy to use and the quality works for me. Just be sure that you have an external mic so the sound is clear.

  8. Richard Dejean says:

    Hi Dallas! I’m actually working on that right now actually.I don’t really know exactly how to personalize my site so that I can get people can see it but im going to get help for that.

  9. Love it Dallas! Love it. SUPER HELPFUL!

  10. Lin .ki says:

    Interesting, Thanks!
    What nice is that nowadays getting a website is not such a big effort as it was when you argued why an actor doesn’t really need a website ;) . I mean- just a few days ago I read an article about this new free app turning Facebook fan pages to real websites in a few minutes..
    Here is a link for the article-


  11. Sarah Sido says:

    Hi Dallas – I absolutely agree. Having one place that I can send people who are interested in seeing my reel, pictures, representation, etc has been invaluable. The point about the giveaway is one definitely hear and need to work on.

    I’m a big believer in WordPress and that everyone can build their own site with a little homework. However, if that just feels like too much, I just wanted to put it out there that I work with people one on one to teach them everything they need to know to build a super dynamic eye-grabbing site. I’m also gearing up to teach another group class.

    Thanks for all of the info as always!

  12. Dace says:

    Great info for the working actor. I’m both an actor and a web developer – I’ve created many actor websites. The benefit of my sites are that once they are built you can manage everything yourself, photos, resume, videos, news, reviews, etc. Take a look and pass on the word if you know someone looking for a site!

  13. Josh says:

    We’ve created a site that empowers actors to create their own professionally designed website for free.

    Our free service is different from most in the fact that users maintain complete ownership of all of their content and can request an export of all of their content at anytime.

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