Marketing is a Process

I can’t stress enough that marketing is a process. I’ve also seen through working with thousands of talented actors that success is also a process.

Your success in the industry is directly related to how well you build your own sustainable empire. Watch the video to hear more.

What is one change you can make to your marketing plan to strengthen the foundation of your acting empire?


4 Responses to “Marketing is a Process”

  1. So great – I just shared this on Facebook. We are on the same wavelength today! :)

    “One situation cannot “make it” or “break it” for you. In fact, there is no “making it” or “breaking it.” It’s about the day-to day of living your life, moving from experience to experience, and the culmination of these experiences is what creates your story. No single person or situation holds power over your journey. It’s in your hands, and your hands are in the universe’s hands; a co-creative team.”

  2. Niki Aguirre says:

    So incredibly true across the all the arts.

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