Turning Pro in 2013

As an actor, what does it really mean to Turn Pro?

Is it adding an awesome agent or manager to your team?
Is it booking a pilot in the New Year?
Is it supporting yourself financially solely through acting?

Whatever Turning Pro means to you, click here to watch a special video I created outlining three crucial ingredients to help you Turn Pro in 2013.

Warning: This video contains an awkward + awesome 90s rap reference… the awkward part is me.

To join Dallas on this special call + support The Actors Fund, click here.


3 Responses to “Turning Pro in 2013”

  1. Richard Dejean says:

    I have a serious problem because I know I
    have what it takes to be an actor but then I can’t
    seem to stay focused because I get negativity
    a lot and a lot of people tell me to rethink it
    and choose something else because acting will never

    • Mr. Byrd says:

      @Richard Dejean: An acting teacher of mine asked these questions of our class before he taught one lesson: How badly do you want to be an Actor? And have you really been doing everything you can to be successful? There are few things you can control in this business, but of the things you CAN control – your craft, your marketing, and your unrelenting drive – you have to put 110% of your energy into those parts of your career especially early on. If your family says you can’t do it, tell yourself you can and will. If your friends say you won’t succeed, DUMP them and find SUCCESSFUL NEW friends who know you can succeed because they are in the position in which you one day want to be. In the meantime, pull up and out that person inside of YOU who believes you will succeed. If casting directors say no, so what? You have dominion over what you can control. Are you training everyday? Are you marketing yourself efficiently? Are you prepared when you go into the audition room? Are you at your best every time? Do you present yourself like a professional actor with every audition? Are you really doing everything you can to be successful, because if you are then your professionalism snd craft will speak for itself and eventually lead to the fruits of your labor – i.e. bookings! Be motivated by the “no”s. Why? Because all it takes is one “yes” to make it all worth while :)

  2. Taylor Brock says:

    Will this call be available on tape for TAC members if not able to hear it live?

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