Feeling Out Your Facebook Fans

Let’s talk about your Facebook friends and fans. I’m guessing you have a lot of fans who you may not know, so how can you add value and give back to the people who support you most without wasting a lot of time or losing your privacy?

Watch this week’s video to find out ways to seamlessly say “No Thanks”, without disappointing anyone, feeling bad, or being rude.

Have you managed to stay connected to your fans but still remain true to yourself? Leave a comment, and let me know how you gracefully handled the situation.


2 Responses to “Feeling Out Your Facebook Fans”

  1. love the ideas for fb. delighted to be back.

  2. These ideas are very helpful. BTW, you look great in that red/coral color.

    My one problem “fan” was an actor in Sweden who, via Twitter rather than FB, insisted on Skyping regularly. I thanked him, said that wasn’t possible, but that I’d love to stay in touch. I even viewed his attached commercials and commented. But he would not be put off, and, when I finally said I didn’t have the time or comfort level to agree to regular face-to-face contact, harsh words were extended. I simply blocked him. I know this is a rare occurrence and I’m not disturbed by it, but thought my describing this experience might be of use to others.

    Best regards, Sharon Talbot

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