The Fortune is in the Follow Through

How familiar does this scenario sound?

You meet a director, an agent, or a producer at an industry event, and she asks you to stay in touch. So, you email her. Maybe you even e-mail her a couple of times. But you never hear back. So, you figure that she’s rejected you in some way.

Now, you’re afraid to follow up because you don’t want to be pushy or annoying or desperate. So, you decide to let it slide and never reach out to that person again.

Was that the right move or did you lose a golden opportunity because you failed to follow up in the right way?

Watch this week’s Acting Business Bite to find out why the fortune is in the follow up.

So, you see, if you believe your acting is a gift you have that can make you of service to others, then you do yourself and your collaborators a disservice by NOT following up.

When was the last time you dropped the ball, and how will you pick it back up this week? I want you to let me know if the comments below how it goes. So, I’m counting on you to follow through!


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  1. Rory says:

    Looked up this post I had read last year for some courage to follow up with an agent who I had a meeting with last fall. I had been (inconsistently) touching base with since our meeting but never officially heard a yes or a no. Thanks Dallas for your words which gave me the encouragement to pick that ball up again and giving me permission to reconnect! Will keep you posted on how it turns out.

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