Private VIP Strategy Day

Wanna get me all to yourself?

Custom-tailored. Discreet. Highly effective.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, then choose to spend a full day with me, VIP style.

During this day of mentoring, we craft a unique strategic plan that will expand your empire and set the stage for a powerhouse year.

We’ll take all those ideas and projects you want to execute and find a way to bring them to life so you can move forward — sanity intact.

If you want this to be your year, then this is your day.

Here are a few of the outcomes you can expect from our day together:

A clear plan for how to partner with the right representation for you

A clear plan for how to book more high-level work

Simplified daily, weekly, and monthly action plan to keep you on track without feeling overwhelmed even if you have 47 irons in the fire

Confidence to rejuvenate or build strong industry partnerships that actually pay off

A clear and marketable “brand” (you know I hate that word) that reflects who you really are & how you want to be seen

The complete marketing plan that goes well beyond what everyone else is doing and meets your specific needs

A PR and social media campaign to leverage a major booking

A career resuscitation plan so the industry can see where you’re going instead of where you’ve been

Your VIP Strategy Day includes:

A 30 minute Acceleration Phone Session so you can hit the ground running on our big day
A full day of personalized coaching (just you and me in person, in my studio in Los Angeles)
Full ask-me-anything access to eliminate the guesswork, overwhelm, and trepidation that comes with building a successful career on your own terms
An ambitious but manageable master plan, customized to your unique goals and designed to take you to the next level, regardless of where you are right now
A private follow-up call with me to tie up any loose ends, answer any lingering questions, and make sure you’re on track

Ongoing support for ensured success

Your day includes a free six-month membership in The Thriving Artist Circle. That way, you’ll have ongoing support and access to my teachings long after your VIP Day. (a $222.00 value)

You’ll also receive a complimentary Actors’ Business Blueprint Home Study Kit. This at-home version of my one-of-a-kind marketing intensive is filled with all of the insights and resources you need to successfully implement the unique plan we co-create during your VIP Strategy Day. (a $347.00 value)

I Finally Feel Like I Am in The Driver’s Seat of My Career
“Dallas is a force. Dallas helped me narrow in on my goals with an easy to follow system to propel my career forward. I finally feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my career. Working with Dallas is a game-changer. If you are an actor, you need Dallas! You can accomplish any of your goals with her streamlined, focused, and expert approach.” ~ Alyssa Diaz, Actress
There is Life Before Dallas, and Life After Dallas
“There is life before Dallas, and life after Dallas. That is how big of an impact my VIP Day has had on my life and career. There are so many books you can read, classes to take, and coaches to meet with that will just give you the list of things you are “supposed” to do. Dallas brings you in touch with your true self and then caters your career plan to match. I feel such peace and confidence moving forward – I know that even though I may not be working on a set, I am still working on my career and building relationships and my empire.” ~ Jessica Martin, Actress
I Feel Calmer & More Validated in My Career
“Working with Dallas changed my mindset from one of complete frantic anxiety to a clear, positive attitude over the course of one day! I now feel like I have a very specific plan in place for my marketing over the entire coming year, as well as time for my craft. Dallas is so uplifting and works in such a personal way as to make you feel like there could be no better way to have your life set up than the way she helps you create. I have specific, authentic ways to reach out to different types of people and already feel calmer and more validated in my career.” ~ Kate Godkin, Actress

Take new actions to get new results

If the same ole thing isn’t working, if you’re tired of being stuck and fearful about your career, if you’re not getting the offers you could be, it’s time to try something new.

Outside of the Platinum Tier of the Thriving Artist Circle, I don’t offer any other form of private coaching. If you have a feeling that spending a day with me could be a turning point in your career, now’s the time to go for it.

The investment for a VIP Day is $3200.00.

If you are serious about seizing this opportunity, please fill in the form below and someone from my team will call to help you decide if a Private VIP Strategy Day is for you and set up our Acceleration Phone Session.

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