The Actors’ Business Breakthrough

So tell me about the Breakthrough…

The Breakthrough is an 8 week career mastery course. It’s hands-down the most important and powerful class I teach because when you apply what you learn, you will see your life and career transform in a massive way. This is not hype — the number one piece of feedback I get from Breakthrough grads is, “Dallas, this class changed my life.” Prepare for a major breakthrough in your career.

I’ve combined the perfect mixture of bold action with personal development to take you on a game-changing journey you’ll never forget. You will put all of my core teachings to work while I personally walk you through your own unique journey to acting success. This class is no joke. It’s designed to stretch your comfort zone and get you working!

Best of all, The Breakthrough is a tele-seminar. This means you can participate in my signature program from anywhere in the world.

It’s All About Doing Less More Often
“Before I met Dallas I was a mess. I was doing everything I could to further my career and was seeing no results. After implementing Dallas’ advice to commit to doing less, I got my web series picked up by a major comedy publisher on Youtube and am now writing, producing, and starring in my own content on a weekly basis. I’ve gone from feeling totally helpless, to feeling totally confident about where my career is headed. I couldn’t have done it without Dallas!”
~ Steven Bell, Actor
Know Where You Stand, See Where You’re Going
“Not only did I book two TV guest stars in less than eight weeks, but I finally have the support and excitement of my family & friends. I feel focused, energized and completely supported by my team. Better yet, I know exactly how to keep moving forward in my acting career.”
~ Jen Ponton, Actress
Open Your Mind to Move Forward Fast
“I booked my first Guest Star in three years using Dallas’ techniques. Dallas opened up my mind about the business of the business and inspired me with her enormous passion for helping actors find success. She is a great gift for anyone who is smart enough to work with her.” ~ Brad Blaisdell, Actor
Change the Direction of Your Life
“This class gave my career the kick in the rear I was really looking for. Dallas makes you face your fears, break down walls, and do something every day to change the direction of your professional or personal life. Whatever obstacles you have felt stuck on, Dallas will work with you directly and specifically to accomplish breakthroughs. During the class, I booked a costar, got my SAG card and found an agent.” ~ Jesse Luken, Actor

Your Breakthrough Curriculum

Does this tele-seminar thing really work?

100% yes.

I used to teach this class in person, and since moving it online, students are more connected to one another and actually accomplish their goals more quickly.

You’ll join me for a live call once a week where I’ll lead you through the curriculum and then answer your specific questions. Can’t make a live call? No worries, you’ll get the mp3 recording of the call the following day so you never fall behind.
The live calls feel just like being in a classroom. Except you don’t have to worry about that one person who asks too many questions and likes to hear the sound of their own voice. Problem solved. You’ll also be a part of our members only online forum where you can connect with me and your fellow Breakthroughers. By the way, I’m active on the forum every weekday.

You choose the focus of your Breakthrough

Although the Breakthrough is a group course, you’ll choose your own individual 8 week goal that’s tailored to where you are and where you want to leap. Here are some examples from past Breakthrough students:

  • Book your first television credit
  • Transition from guest stars to series regulars
  • Generate media coverage for your web-series
  • Get out of debt
  • Land an agent or manager
  • Set up meetings with 10 producers you admire
  • Earn an extra $5,000 of unexpected income
  • Launch a one-woman show
  • Move to the opposite coast
  • Build a thriving relationship with your rep
  • Create a fully-functioning home office
  • Book the lead in a Sundance-caliber film

This is your Breakthrough. What will you choose?

Get Direct Coaching from Me

Just because we’re not in the same room (or country!) doesn’t mean there’s a disconnect.

After each call is finished, I stay on the line as long as it takes to get all of your questions answered.

You’re also able to post questions for me in our exclusive online forum where I reply every single weekday.

And the weekly calls frequently include some on-the-spot hot-seat coaching for the brave and the bold.

No other students get the same kind of access to me for coaching like Breakthroughers do. I’m dedicated to your success, and that’s why making myself available for your specific questions throughout The Breakthrough is my top priority.

Join a Vibrant Community

When you join The Breakthrough, you ride the momentum of working in tandem with other dedicated, educated actors. The networking and support systems available are tremendous, and I love seeing Breakthroughers collaborate even after the program is over. These are your colleagues and professional peers; get acquainted.

In fact, the very first Breakthrough graduates formed their own mastermind group and still meet on the first Saturday of every month to support each other. And better yet, they now own a production company that has produced 2 plays and a short film, with a feature in the works.

Master Tools to Last a Lifetime
“The Breakthrough provides the fun creative kick in the butt for actors to turn their dreams into reality. It completely changed my ideas about the business side of it all, and I can honestly say I have tons of fun doing the things I used to dread. I will be forever grateful for the tools Dallas taught me!” ~ Brittany Ross, Actress
It’s “The Biggest Loser” For Actors
“I thought Dallas’ class was going to be about how I can do better business as an actor. It’s much more than that. I’ve learned how I can do better in my entire life. Its like The Biggest Loser for actors.” ~ Dawan Owens, Actor
Surprise Yourself and Step Outside of the Box
“Dallas is one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever worked with. In eight weeks, I reshaped my marketing in ways that are exciting, fresh and fun. I also began doing things I never had the courage to do before like writing letters to my creative heroes and asking for meetings and calling agents and producers directly to set up meetings rather than sending a picture in and doing the “wait and see” dance.” ~ Kalimba Bennett, Actress

It’s Time to Leap

Remember: your professional growth cannot exceed your person growth, so this class contains the perfect balance of bold action and transformative inner work.

When you bring the entire Actors’ Business Breakthrough experience together, you’ll have everything you need to master your business, experience artistic fulfillment, and easily build real relationships to last a lifetime. You’ll feel empowered as you to take the bull by the horns and regain passion for your career. No more waiting, no more hoping, no more wondering. You’ll only take action and create the life you desire – one day at a time.

If you are ready to make change, to get out of your own way, and to finally create the career of your dreams, please join me in the Actors’ Business Breakthrough.

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