Are You Preparing to Get Ready to Begin?

I meet a lot of actors who spend a ton of time researching. They scour the interwebs to find out the who’s who and the what’s what of all things entertainment.

But really, how well informed do you need to be? And when does research take away from doing your actions and reaching your goals?

Watch this week’s Acting Business Bite to learn how you can balance your research time and put your information into action.

What are some actions that have informed you and your career? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


7 Responses to “Are You Preparing to Get Ready to Begin?”

  1. Sonora says:

    You are singing my song! I love the distinction between informing and preparing ourselves. Thank you. I needed that.

  2. I think we all use research as a safety mechanism to feel in the know, avoiding venturing into the high-stakes atmosphere.

  3. Richard Dejean says:

    I appreciate what your saying Dallas. I love doing research
    because it helps me to find solutions to my problems.
    However, I’m not one of those people who just do research and don’t apply what I learned. I try to see what I’m doing wrong
    with my marketing and then I try to figure out why I’m not getting the results that I want. I do the things neccessary to get good results. I hope you were not referring to me because I’m not that type of person. I actually apply what I learned. I don’t dream about success. I learn it, live ii , love it. Thank you Anyway!

    • Dallas says:

      That’s great, Richard. Yes, some research is necessary in order to market yourself. But, a lot of people get stuck in the cycle of research, research, research. I’m glad you’ve found a balance that works for you and thanks for your input.

  4. Linda Donnell says:

    Thank you for this Dallas. It is actually something that I have been thinking about for a while. I tend to be super conscientious and research EVERYTHING ….. getting out there and doing can be scary. You’re right… one teacher said to me….”Do you want to read about being an actor or do you want to actually be one?” I am choosing to be one! Thanks for confirming what I already knew….wheee!

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