Discovering Your Inner Super Star, A Lil’ Confidence Booster

I bet that when you decided to become an actor, it wasn’t because you thought you could add more of the same old thing to the acting world. It was because you wanted to share your unique gifts and viewpoints with an audience just waiting for you to shine, right?

No one looks exactly the same. If we did, the world would be a pretty creepy place.

The great thing about you is that YOU are unique. You have special talents that only you can bring to the table that have nothing to do with the color of your hair or the size of your favorite pair of jeans. The trick is allowing your outer self to embrace your inner self along with all the distinct and remarkable things you have to offer.

Think of it as discovering your Inner Super Star. 

Not sure how to uncover yours? Try this fun + simple exercise.

Step One: Research Your Acting Icons

Make a list of your top three favorite actors. Now for each actor, think of three reasons why they are your favorites, without mentioning what they look like.

One of my favorites is Melissa McCarthy. It’s no secret that she doesn’t look like a cookie cutter Hollywood actress, but isn’t that why we love her so much?

You’ll make your own list, but here are specific reasons why I love her:

1. Her comedic timing is perfectly on point.
2. The characters she creates are often outrageous but also really relatable.
3. She isn’t afraid of physical comedy. She gets the laugh however she needs to.

Now we’ve just pinpointed the aspects of Melissa’s Inner Super Star without saying one word about her looks. See how that works?

Step Two: Turn The Spotlight on You

Add yourself to the list and write down three reasons why YOU are your favorite actor.

For instance:

1. I have a gift for performing Shakespearean text that makes it so relatable it sounds like a scene from Parenthood.
2. I can connect with a character immediately when I read it by finding one quality about myself that I see in them, which makes me a cold-reading rockstar.
3. When it comes to commercial auditions, all that improv training I have had over the years makes me a shoo-in for a callback every time.

Now you’ve begun to discover the wisdom of your Inner Super Star. So, how do you make it work to your advantage?

Step Three: Unleash Your Inner Super Star

Now, it’s time to allow your Inner Super Star to become your Outer Super Star and share your strengths with the world. Let me share ten ideas to help you do that:

1. Add your Super Star Qualities to your bio and share it with pride.
2. Shoot a pitch video showcasing your Super Star strengths.
3. Keep a list of your inner qualities on your phone, read it before every audition.
4. Post some Super Star articles you love on your Facebook Fan Page.
5. Get some friends together and read a script you can’t get enough of. Flaunt those talents you are so proud of in front of people who already love you.
6. Create some Living Mantras to fully absorb and believe in your Super Star-ness.
7. Send a letter of acknowledgement to your favorite actors + send some Star-Kharma into the world. (Star-Ma!)
8. Tweet some clever Super-Starry things to your band of followers.
9. Do a drop-off at 5 casting offices that you want to become known by.
10. Look into the mirror every morning, and tell yourself that YOU are a Super Star.

Don’t you feel better already? You’ve outlined your favorite acting inspirations. You’ve acknowledged the person at the top of that list, you. And you can share your Inner Super Star with the world in ten exciting new ways. So, let me hear it… once more with feeling: Inner Super Star!


8 Responses to “Discovering Your Inner Super Star, A Lil’ Confidence Booster”

  1. Ingeborg says:

    Thank you for this Dallas…I recently made a big move to London to take my acting career to the next level and it is so hard on a daily basis when finding your feet to remember why you deserve to succeed, why you should take chances and why you have something unique to share in such a huge industry! xxx

  2. Dallas I sooo appreciate your acting business bites. Enjoyed your class and am glad you ad so much to the positive life of an actor.

  3. Anna Myrha says:

    Thank you Dallas, you are like an actor doctor, you always know how we feel and you’re there to set things right for us and ‘cure’ us from our ‘downs’. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to meeting you when you are back in new York :)

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  5. Dallas, this article rocks! I had so much fun discovering why I love the actors I love and it makes sense that know see those qualities I admire in myself. I came up with some new living mantras after doing the steps! Love love love ya!

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