How to Keep Your Creative Tank Full

Is there something you just loved to do as a kid that you don’t make time for any longer?

Maybe it’s because you think you’ve outgrown it, but I hope not.

As a kid, I was obsessed with Little Orphan Annie. I dressed like her and I knew every line of the movie by heart.

Recently, I had a chance to reconnect with my inner Orphan Annie, and it got me thinking about how easily we forget to do the things that feed our spirit most.

Watch this week’s Acting Business Bite to find out how you can tap back into that inspiration plus see a photo of me in my Annie-obsessed outfit. :)

What are the childhood pastimes that you want to revisit? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Hi Dallas – I really enjoyed this! I realized that one of the things I loved to do was color in coloring books. But not just with your average small set of crayons – I wanted the big 64 colors box, that had every color you could imagine. So, I am going online to find coloring books for adults (I know they exist – I have seen them) and get myself a big box of 64 colors crayons, and lose myself in color and fantasy!!

    • Dallas Travers says:

      Mary, that sounds totally inspiring! Maybe you could even take a painting class or something :)

  2. Such good advice!! I’m happy to say I have two such examples, both of which I try to incorporate into my daily life as often as possible.

    1 – running just for the sake of running. My day job right now is at a school, so I try to go down to the recess area on my breaks and play dinosaur tag with the kindergarteners whenever I get a chance. (For anyone who doesn’t know what dinosaur tag is, it’s tag, but the person who’s it is also a dinosaur. I know. You’re jealous. It’s OK!)

    2 – gymnastics! I went to classes for years, but stopped when I was 11 because I wasn’t ready to commit my whole life to it. But I’ve recently started incorporating some more advanced postures into my yoga practice, such as headstands, handstands and bridges. It’s so empowering to work towards doing those things again – I’m also lucky to have a wonderful and encouraging teacher.

    • Dallas Travers says:

      I’ve got a mini trampoline in my office that I occasionally take a spin on. It’s so much fun and feels very free. So, I hear you on the gymnastics front.

  3. Awesome reminder, will definitely do! :)

  4. Colleen says:

    Thanks for this Dallas!

    I LOVED reading!! I would get lost in books for hours and hours and hours and now…i haven’t read a book in the longest time. I’m need to find some authors that bring back my imaginative spirit and get lost in a fantastic series again…

  5. Tara says:

    I love this idea! At nearly every family gathering my niece and nephews put on a little variety show, of silly sketches from our family’s life, interpretive dances, bad joke routines. These shows are now a tradition. And the adults in my family get into “playing” the role of the audience in huge way…some heckle, others act star-struck. It’s always hysterical for everyone, but I realize that for me, the only professional actor of the group, it’s a great way to just have fun being up there and being silly, rather than worrying about it being a perfect show or performance. It reminds me how much performing is really about playing. And I’m so lucky to get to do it for a living! Great video Dallas and great reminder!

  6. It was all about the pool. Swimming, diving, splashing for hours. Well, I just did a bunch of somersaults off a 1m springboard and even some dives from the 3m board. My skin is chapped from slapping the water. Can’t wait to go back!

  7. Tess Degen says:

    Hi Dallas, your suggestion brought tears to my eyes and I thought about playing dolls with my sister for days on end, making up story after story after story. I plan on playing with my 6 year-old this weekend and maybe sewing some doll clothes too.
    Thanks for keeping us together

  8. Jerri Tubbs says:

    I loooved and still love music. When I was a kid I did musical theater, listened to my brothers rock records, wrote song lyrics, dressed up as famous singers for Halloween and even attempted to play drums and asked for an electric guitar when I was 12. For 4th grade career day we had to write on the board what we wanted to be when we grow up, I wrote, “Rock Star” on the board:) I got so “busy” with sports and pursuing acting ,that I kept putting it off. When I go to see live music, it fuels my passion again and makes me want to learn to play a guitar and sing in a band!!!

  9. I will rediscover that joy. By the way, cute Dog :)

  10. Leandra says:

    Awesome! When I was a kid, I went through a phase where I wore my Minnie Mouse dress all the time, ears and all. I also loved the Little Mermaid, and I would go around telling my parents “I’m not a child!” because she says that to her dad in the movie. Needless to say, I was super into Disney, so I think this is a great excuse for me to visit Disneyland soon! Haha. See you this Thursday at your workshop Dallas!

  11. Hi Dallas, thanks for sharing your personal story and even more personal stories. I think it’s great when people share the really juicy stories, even when embarrassing! Helps to remind us we’re all human.

    As a kid I loved to dance. And I continued to dance all through my teens and up to about 25 when I decided I was too ‘old’ and needed to be ‘serious’ about being an actor, so I quit. I think a part of me always missed it. In the last few months, at the ripe age of 41 I have started to go to adult ballet and adult tap classes. It’s such fun! I don’t know why I ever stopped. It’s helping my fitness, it uses my brain in a completely different way, and oddly enough I think it’s helping my acting. I wish I had never quit but now that I’m back again I hope to do it till I drop!

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