Are you ready for another dream job?

Actors do a lot of waiting.

Waiting for a better agent, waiting for that next audition, waiting while you pay your dues and waiting for your big break.

Actors also do a lot of juggling.

Juggling your schedule so you can be flexible, juggling your finances to afford the pursuit, juggling rejection with staying true to yourself and juggling your day-job while you build your acting empire.

But what if you didn’t have to juggle? And what if you didn’t have to wait?

To grab your spot for this exclusive call on September 13th, click here


2 Responses to “Are you ready for another dream job?”

  1. Josie Lamb says:

    I loved this video! I was wondering if theres any way to access the video call after the call time (not live). I’m in Sydney Australia and can never manage to call in but would love to listen somehow!
    Love your work Dallas! x

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